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Hong Kong: US Senate strengthens protesters – China reacts incensed

Wednesday, 20.11.2019 03:26 clock The US President considers the topic remarkably overcast. But at least the United States Parliament is sending a clear signal to the demonstrators in Hong Kong. According to the US House of Representatives, the Senate has also passed bills in support of the local democracy movement.    The Senators unanimously passed

TV debate before British election: Corbyn neutral? Not exactly!

                           Wednesday, November 20, 2019                                By Peter Littger                                           In the first TV duel before the British parliamentary elections, Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn has beaten so well against Boris Johnson that it could still be exciting. The prime minister, on the other hand, was struggling to end his reputation as a liar.               If

Bayern celebrate successful pick-up fight against Piraeus

The basketball players of Bayern Munich have successively won after three EuroLeague defeats. The German champions kept the upper hand in the duel of the neighbors Olympiakos Piraeus from Greece with 85:82 (43:44). By the fourth victory in the ninth game, the Munich hold on to the upper third. While Maodo Lo, who was recently

Horses Steal Trailer – FILM.TV

Stealing the Story Trailer: The beauty of Norway can sometimes hurt. Trond only seeks solitude as he moves into the small village in the forest. In this idyll he recognizes in his neighbor an old acquaintance from youth days again. Suddenly there are all those memories of that post-war summer, when Trond was 15 years